Collection Tango

Collection Tango, the Company’s third production, consists of four short works no more than 20 minutes each: their titles are respectively Diamond, In your arms, Nobility of suburb and Eternal.

Each tailored act is an aesthetic exploration, the fruit of a research study resulting in tactical, plastic crossing between ultra-tango and non-tango elements. Cuello’s strategy is aimed at breathing precise and precious shapes into his artistic pieces, all of which are imbued with strong character and tackled risks.

Collection Tango is undoubtedly an intelligent assemblage of works.

Escorted with original soundtrack, scenic and costume designs, each piece combines elements of tango, contemporary dance and theatre without betraying the fundamental values pertaining to the tanguero embrace and the wondrous language generated from the vertiginous crossing of the legs, which deeply characterizes its identity.



A tribute act to Osvaldo Pugliese, creator of an intense and sensual style. The soundtrack brings together original music by Argentine composer Sebastián Verea and the Orchestra Color Tango, whose contemporary interpretations of Pugliese’s body of work are phenomenal.
The colour red is attributed to this segment, for the ardent elegance and eroticism it conveys.


Entre tus brazos

A scene inspired by any one milonga in yesteryear Buenos Aires, a setting that combines traditional tango, contemporary dance and theatricality. The soundtrack merges traditional instrumental tangos with tangos whose poetry cradles the drama of the act. A surprising and moving piece.


Nobleza de arrabal

An act that depicts the sprightly simplicity of neighbourhood balls in the time of cobblestone streets and courtyard gatherings of youth filled with dreams and romanticism. The soundtrack is created using a little-known selection of the grand composer Francisco Canaro and his mythical “Pirincho Quintet”.



The closing act is a tribute to Astor Piazzolla, the eternal creator-musician who opened the doors to a new way of thinking about tango, hence broadening the horizons of its dance form. A clearly modern piece where all essential elements of the tango lexicon take on different nuances and dimensions.



Five dance couples

Show structure

Act 1

Act 2


Act 3

Act 4

(two parts with an interval)


80 minutes

View a segment of the show here:

About the show

  • Collection Tango premiered in April 2013 followed by an eight-week cycle of performances at the prestigious Cultural Centre for Cooperation Floreal Gorini in Buenos Aires.
  • In August 2013, it was presented at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, and in October of the same year, at the Second Encounter for Artistic Exchange Torino-Buenos Aires, Italy.
  • In 2013, it was presented at the Cultural Centre of Memory Haroldo Conti, as part of its Festival of Contemporary Dance.
  • In 2014, it was presented at the Roma Parco della Musica Festival / Buenos Aires Tango Festival (Italy), and in 2015, at the Torinodanza Festival (Italy).
  • In 2007, it toured Italy. Cities included Pesaro, Vicenza, Mestre, Venice, Verona, Legnago, Ferrara and Carpi.
  • In 2018, the Company opened Bogotá’s Ibero-American Theatre Festival (Colombia) with segments of the show:

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